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Ghost Motel Episode 12

2011-01-16 01:40:46 by Violet-AIM

Ok maybe not exactly but eventually we will make it so in the meantime checkout the others.

Hey hey people, checkout our seies of ghost motel there are 11 episodes in the series and if you like it at it as your faves maybe even add me as your fave.

But in anycase checkout our series reviews are great aswell.

Ghost Motel Ep #1 (Intro)

Ghost Motel Ep #2 (Know your ghosts)

Ghost Motel Ep #3 (A Job)

Ghost Motel Ep #4 (Circus)

Ghost Motel Ep #4 (Outtakes)

Ghost Motel Ep #5 (Demon Underworld)

Ghost Motel Ep #6 (Demon Bar)

Ghost Motel Ep #7 (Demon Hunter Academy)

Ghost Motel Ep #8 (Virtual Reality Training)

Ghost Motel Ep #9 (3D)

Ghost Motel Ep #10

Ghost Motel Ep #11 (Return to Ghost Motel)

Dont forget to review them and let us know what you think, and maybe you will enjoy them, have fun and dont forget to checkout some of the music aswell

Dont forget to catch us on


*******We will respond to all reviews

-Violet-AIM & X

Ghost Motel Episode 12


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2011-01-16 10:15:57

Good luck! :)

Violet-AIM responds:

Thank you


2011-01-30 12:02:25

been a big fan of the series it used to creep me out... ._.


2011-01-31 19:35:32

I have not been in contact with "XwaynecoltX" since 2008. He had been using my account and posting messages for me without my consent. Any replies from me between 2008 to 2010 were not from the true Violet-AIM. I returned to NG on 1/30/11 and hopefully won't lose my account again. I do appreciate "X" trying so hard to promote Ghost Motel. If there is to be a Ghost Motel 12, I would need some help and voice help. That is if there is time for it. There was a Ghost Motel 12 I was working on years ago prior to my absence, but I never completed it.


2011-01-31 19:51:59

Is there any way I can help? And did you get my PM, by chance?


2011-03-11 01:42:15

I doubt that it would be possible but I figured there would be no harm in asking anyway. Is there some way that I could help with Ghost Motel 12? I've been a huge fan of the series ever since it started and would love to keep it going. I could easily do the voice for Joseph and others if that's what you are in need of at the moment. And I'd be willing to help in any other way possible, just let me know what I can do. Being a part of the Ghost Motel series would be a dream come true so please contact me about this. It would be greatly appreciated.


2011-05-03 04:22:23

Please please please let me help. I can do voice acting and animation, I can do backgrounds or even drawings. I would LOVE to see a conclusion to this. I have been a fan since '05 and forgot all about it. I need a conclusion. I need it. Pm me.


2011-05-26 01:04:21

Either way, I'm awaiting GhostMotel 12. :D


2011-09-24 11:11:21

great series i love things like this keep up the good work


2012-04-11 11:59:13

Seems like this is another awesome series wich reached a dead end.


2016-01-01 16:16:12

still no news,do you need any help?


2016-10-27 18:45:41

where is 12 plzz i need it