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Ghostmotel, me and stuff

2008-12-21 10:57:48 by Violet-AIM

Hello all.

Just wanted to say hi to any fans of me and Xwaynecoltx's work on the series, while i dont come to newgrounds as i would like to, i do enjoy the series we have put up for all to enjoy, will there be another Ghost motel possibly. Me and ~X~ have been busy with life and and work so its not always easy getting time to do flash.

For now feel free to leave a coment now and then.


Ghostmotel, me and stuff


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2008-12-21 11:53:50

i hope you do make a new one!

Violet-AIM responds:

in time.


2009-01-06 00:29:24

ghost motel is pimp x)

Violet-AIM responds:

thank you.


2009-01-23 16:26:32

Been a long time! What happened to the website? If you still have it, need hosting for it, let me know, I'd be happy to step in with some spare server space.

Violet-AIM responds:

thanks Xwayne does all the site stuff ill let him know.


2009-02-06 00:06:04

I've only seen a few of the episodes, but I like them.plz make more of thm,they're very interesting.

Violet-AIM responds:

Thank you